South Australian healthcare innovators take centre stage at largest trade event in Dubai


South Australian healthcare companies are making a significant impact at Arab Health, the Middle East’s largest healthcare trade event, with the support of the Malinauskas Labor Government.

This prestigious event, held annually at the Dubai World Trade Centre, draws in over 100,000 visitors over the next few days and features nearly 3,500 exhibitors from more than 180 countries, offering a unique opportunity for South Australian companies to showcase their innovative healthcare technologies and services to a global audience of professionals and industry leaders.

Arab Health, renowned for presenting the latest medical technologies, equipment, and services, provides a platform for attendees to discover groundbreaking innovations that are revolutionising healthcare delivery, diagnosis, treatment, and patient care.

The event also serves as an ideal venue for networking, establishing strategic partnerships, and highlighting best practices and success stories in the healthcare sector.

Among the South Australian companies participating, supported by the Department for Trade and Investment, are a range of innovators, including.

  • MAXM – World-leading technology-based digital healthcare solutions
  • Actis Medical – Offering end-to-end services to bring medical devices to market
  • RehabSwift – Developed the world’s first personalised brain-computer interface platform aiming for the enhancement of arm and hand movement following a stroke
  • Vertex Medical – Innovative products and support for specialities in orthopaedics, spine and neurosurgery, ear, nose and throat and plastic surgery
  • Plasma Shield Ltd – Medical device company specialising in the development and manufacture of patented, HVAC-integrated air treatment technology for microbial elimination and treatment of all indoor environments
  • Austofix – Medical device company leading in the areas of research, design, manufacturing and distribution of world-class orthopaedic devices
  • Kiratech – Digital healthcare leader providing operational dashboards and surgical cost recovery software for hospitals.
  • Additive Surgical – A leading company in R&D and manufacturer of 3D printed titanium spinal implant technologies
  • Soniclean – Amongst the world’s foremost manufacturers of innovative medical grade ultrasonic cleaners
  • Flourish Pharmaceuticals Australia – a contract manufacturer specialising in tablet, capsules, powder, liquid and sachets.

Nick Champion, Minister for Trade and Investment, has spoken on the importance of this event.

‘South Australia’s health and medical sector has some of the world’s best companies helping to tackle global healthcare issues. Arab Health provides an opportunity for SA healthcare companies to showcase their products and expertise, with the chance to strike deals with industry leaders from around the world.’

Champion also highlighted the event as ‘one of the best healthcare trade shows on the calendar’, offering ‘valuable opportunities for collaboration and partnerships which will help our South Australian companies to grow their international footprint.’

Graham Suter, Chief Operating Officer of MAXM, shared his enthusiasm for the event.

‘The MAXM Skate is taking the world by storm. With commercial agreements across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, MAXM has partnered with DTI, Austrade, and the South Australian Government to bring its world-leading digital rehabilitation device to the Middle East and Africa region.’

Suter also noted that attending Arab Health ‘will allow MAXM to meet with key distributors and healthcare professionals, with facilitation from the Australian Government to complete its global footprint and deliver Australian innovation to millions of patients across the world.’

The presence of South Australian companies at Arab Health marks a significant step in their journey towards expanding their global reach and influence in the healthcare industry, with the participation highlighting the state’s commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in healthcare.


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