Seoul National University Hospital to lead South Korea’s national strategic technologies R&D and more briefs


Seoul National University Hospital has been designated as a national strategic technology-specialised research institute by the South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare. 

As such, it is expected to lead the country’s effort to promote national strategic technologies as mandated by the National Strategic Technology Promotion Act, which was passed in February last year. 

It will conduct R&D and human resource training and be involved in international cooperation in the biotechnology field, focusing on digital health and health data analysis and utilisation. 

Indian drone tech Skye Air Mobility has bagged contracts for drone delivery projects in seven public medical institutions in India.

Skye Air will deploy its drone to deliver life-saving medicines and blood in remote villages in a few minutes, as well as quickly transfer blood and pathological samples between hospitals. 

The following institutes will try out drone delivery: All India Institute Of Medical Science branches in Jodhpur, Rajkot, Bhubaneswar, All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health in Kolkata, Central Leprosy Teaching and Research Institute in Chengalpattu, and Regional Leprosy Training & Research Institutes in Bankura and Aska. 

Tertiary hospital Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (KDAH) in Mumbai has recently beefed up the cybersecurity of its IT infrastructure with solutions from Check Point amid the rise of “sophisticated” cyber threats in India. 

It has replaced its manual data aggregation process with Check Point’s Maestro Hyperscale Network Security, an AI-powered centralised system to streamline workflows and optimise resources. Maestro has also provided visibility into open ports to enable independent remediations. 

KDAH also implemented the Check Point Harmony Endpoint to enhance endpoint security. It also plans to later introduce Check Point Email & Collaboration to strengthen its email security.

“Since onboarding Check Point, we’ve had virtually no security issues,” KDAH CIO Srinivasan Raman testified. KDAH’s IT infrastructure is said to be made up of 300 virtual servers, 75 physical servers, virtual databases, and 2,500 endpoints. 

Cardiology DTx company Lupin from India has partnered with the American College of Cardiology to offer what could be the world’s first professional certificate on digital therapeutics. 

Based on a press release, ACC will grant the “digital pioneer” certificates to participating cardiologists who are using Lupin’s remote cardiac rehabilitation and digital heart failure solutions. 

Merck has launched its first digital hub outside the United States and Europe. 

The Merck Digital Hub in Singapore, which was launched with the support of the Singapore Economic Development Board, is expected to promote digital innovation and talent across healthcare, semiconductor, and AI. 

It will be leveraging data collaboration ecosystems, Syntropy and Athinia, which help organisations integrate and curate their data while maintaining high-quality standards set by their sector.


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