Latest healthcare delivery efficiency tools in Australia


ASX-listed medication management platform MedAdvisor is working to introduce conversational AI to elevate the patient experience for its partner pharmacies.

It recently partnered with United States-based Brand Engagement Network (BEN), whose AI assistants – combined with MedAdvisor’s insights into pharmacy patient engagement – can help deliver a “personalised, conversational experience” for patients. Conversational AI can also assist in providing patients with accurate education about medications. 

BEN’s AI will be featured in MedAdvisor’s upcoming Medication Advisor platform, which will enable round-the-clock support to patients and tailor communications to meet their unique preferences and needs. 

Health informatics company PenCS has unveiled its latest digital health intelligence platform for primary care.

Based on a media release, the cloud-based Practice Cloud will enable practices to securely access data insights to optimise efficiency, as well as assist them in meeting ever-changing practice requirements and technological developments in Australian healthcare.

The intelligence platform has a range of QI Programs, including a Health Calendar ​Module, a Chronic Disease Management Success Module and a Financial Module. These are all intended to raise workforce utilisation, improve billing opportunities, streamline patient management frameworks to timely identify and recall chronic disease patients, and enable real-time longitudinal tracking of specific patient cohorts. 

Moreover, Practice Cloud will enable access to a MyMedicare management program, a risk stratification tool to identify persons at risk for planned recall and reduce hospitalisations. It will also extend support for 25 out of 50 hours of the annual CPD requirement for ‘Reviewing performance and/or measuring outcomes’.

InterSystems has introduced a new navigation tool on the TrakCare EMR system. 

According to a media release, TrakCare Assistant features a search-based function for surfacing relevant patient information from the patient’s medical record. Users can enter text queries into it, bypassing traditional system menus and reducing manual interactions. 

“The time spent by clinicians on manual tasks for accessing patient information prolongs the time to care delivery. TrakCare Assistant not only streamlines the interaction with the EMR, it [also] learns user patterns over time. Given how often some tasks are repeated in settings such as critical care units, this new, more personalised workflow is ground-breaking. The potential cumulative time saving is substantial, as is the improvement in user experience and satisfaction,” explained Dr Rami Riman, director of Clinical and Business Improvements for InterSystems.

TrakCare Assistant, now live as part of the TrakCare Mobile Enabled User Interface, also allows users to take actions, such as reviewing test results and placing orders.


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