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Rep. Shin Hyun-young of the Democratic Party of Korea introduced the ” Act on the use of digital healthcare and health and medical data,” which defines digital healthcare service and deals with measures to utilize it in the medical field.

(Courtesy of Rep. Shin’s office)

A bill that defines digital healthcare and deals with information subjects and its utilization methods is drawing the industry’s attention.

Rep. Shin Hyun-young of the opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) recently proposed the “Act on the use of digital healthcare and health and medical data.”

The bill is designed to ensure that various technologies in digital healthcare are used safely in the medical field by incorporating the opinions of various players, including the medical community and industry.

The bill calls for, among other things, establishing the concept of digital healthcare and healthcare data, granting the rights of healthcare data subjects to individuals and medical professionals, and requiring the Minister of Health and Welfare to establish a basic plan and implementation plan to promote the utilization of digital healthcare and healthcare data.

It defined digital healthcare as a “series of activities and means to prevent, diagnose, treat diseases and manage health using intelligent information technology and healthcare data in accordance with the Basic Act on Intelligent Informatization.”

The bill also defined digital healthcare services as medical treatment, medication guidance, genetic testing, health management, and other acts or behaviors prescribed by presidential decree’ performed using intelligent information technology and healthcare data.

Digital healthcare products are defined as products used to provide digital healthcare services, including medical devices, healthcare devices, software and information systems related to digital healthcare and healthcare data, and other products determined by presidential decree.

It also stipulated procedures related to the pseudonymization of healthcare data, obligating users to undergo their organizations’ review committee to ensure the appropriateness of pseudonymization and the safety of pseudonymous healthcare data.

In addition, the bill introduced the right to request the transfer of personal healthcare data to the individual and the institution utilizing the personal healthcare data so that the subject of the personal healthcare data can take the initiative in utilizing the personal healthcare data.

To create a digital healthcare ecosystem, it called for the government to carry out projects, including research and development, export support, training of specialized personnel, and surveys. To this end, the bill had the government set up a digital healthcare policy support center and provide necessary support for developing related industries.

“Digital healthcare is essential for revitalizing community healthcare in the aging society and moving toward a patient-centered customized healthcare system,” Rep. Shin said, explaining the bill’s purpose. “The National Assembly and the government should facilitate preparations for Korea’s future healthcare by communicating with the field so that outstanding technologies in the healthcare field are not lost.”


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